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Technology Solutions

Public Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)

I-Techsmart is the perfect partner to support you in building, migrating, optimizing, and managing your cloud environments on AWS, Google Cloud PlatformTM, and Azure®.

Explore AWS for your cloud, apps, data, and security needs. Our team assists you in leveraging the entire spectrum of AWS' advanced cloud capabilities to work more efficiently, reduce costs, and innovate rapidly..

To ensure that your public cloud is operational and secure, while also freeing up your time to focus on other high-value projects, I-Techsmart provides managed security, site reliability engineering, and managed applications.



All of our support team members are M2 specialists, and we provide first-rate Magento hosting services across all of our packages. 

Find out which package is best for you:

Dedicated Magento Hosting: Our goal in designing the perfect Magento dedicated server was to ensure that each package includes everything necessary to run a secure, fast, and reliable Magento website at a given price point.

Included in each Magento package is Plesk for managing your account, as well as a comprehensive off-site backup of your files and database. You also have access to our 24/7 Magento support plan.

Magento Cloud Hosting: I-Techsmart has been hosting Magento from the very beginning, and we have already hosted thousands of Magento stores, allowing business owners to focus on their operations while we look after their websites. Our cloud servers are specifically designed to ensure smooth running of Magento. They are fully managed with complete rolling 7-day backups, and we provide 24/7 support to ensure your website is always up and running.



Get your business on the right track with WordPress, the most effective platform for your website. Start with I-Techsmart's optimized hosting, which includes instant auto scaling, visual comparisons, automated plugin upgrades, and platform updates. With our faster WordPress platform, you'll get the performance and flexibility your business needs.. 

Why Select Managed WordPress?

We have simplified hosting by providing top-notch WordPress options, allowing you to focus on expanding your website while we take care of the hosting infrastructure. Our mission-critical WordPress hosting services offer the best choice for your website. Learn why choosing us for your mission-critical WordPress sites is the best option.

  • Automatic plugin upgrades that are worry-free and include visual comparisons.

  • Page speed has been boosted using an image optimization plugin!

  • No overage charges, traffic restrictions, or metered pageviews.



The OpenCart marketplace offers a wide range of modules and themes to aid in the establishment, expansion, and growth of your business. With beautiful themes available for nearly every industry, as well as service connectors, payment processors, shipping options, social media, marketing, accounting, reporting, sales, and language packs, you'll have everything you need to enhance your business. 


LAMP consists of four components necessary to establish a fully functional web development environment. 

  • Linux is an operating system used to run the rest of the components.

  • Apache HTTP Server is a web server software used to serve static web pages.

  • MySQL is a relational database management system used for creating and managing web databases, but also for data warehousing, application logging,  e-commerce, etc.

  • PHP, Perl, and Python are programming languages used to create web applications.

What is LAMP Stack Used for?

LAMP stack is used for building and delivering web-based applications. Its flexibility and efficiency allow smaller developers to compete with commercial software development solutions.

The four components of LAMP were picked as optimal solutions for developers who wish to host, serve and manage web-based content. They provide a route for accessing content, software, and other web-based tools.



MEAN is a web app development framework based on JavaScript. It is composed of four main technologies, which form the tiers of the stack, namely MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. Together, they are known as MEAN.


Utilise I-Techsmart's extensive hands-on expertise in automation and continuous delivery to optimise your infrastructure and deploy in a matter of hours rather than days.

By capitalizing on our expertise, we help you organize team’s resources effectively, achieve fast market feedback, and dramatically cut costs. Whether architecting an IT environment or building a fully-fledged DevOps solution from scratch — our DevOps team possesses the know-how, custom frameworks, and proven toolchains to complete the project of any complexity. 

Enhance Your Project's Efficiency by Using DevOps

  • With specialised DevOps tools, our team can automate the majority of critical and time-consuming operations on your project. 

  • Implement DevOps service to spend 44% more of your team’s efforts on new work. Let our DevOps experts handle routine tasks like configuration management, deployment, or release orchestration — while empowering your specialists to focus on new feature development, exploratory testing, or key customer relationship management.

  • We developed a custom analytical dashboard, a 24/7 monitoring system, and visually rich productivity diagrams to ensure DevOps transparency and traceability. 

  • Use our security-minded DevOps approach and early security tools integration to foresee potential risks and eliminate them right away.

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